Kiss Painful Bones & Joints Goodbye and Start Living Again!

Has a painful joint or injury slowed you down? Or worse, stopped you in your tracks? Feeling frustrated and discouraged by the constant pain or by limitations is not how you want to live your life. We get it, you have things to do and places to be! And we can help you get back to having that joyful skip-in-your-step pace again.

Advance Your Motion & Enhance your life

If you have any type of pain in your knee, hip, or shoulder, or if you suffered a break or a sprain, Dr. Michael Wind and his caring team are the orthopedic experts you want to see! Call to get scheduled now at 586.254.2777.

What We Do

If you are experiencing pain in your knee, hip, or shoulder joint, or have had a fracture or injury, you'll want to come see us first! Or come to us if you'd like to get a second opinion. Surgery is not the only option or the right choice for everyone. We will talk about where you are at, what you have tried so far, and where you want to be. Then we will work together and give you our best advice and care to get you there. Call us at 586.254.2777 so we can get you fixed up as good as new.

what people say about us

It makes our day to hear how much we have helped someone. We'd love for you to be one of those people who wants to tell everyone how great you feel and how happy you are with the care you received from us!

"Nothing but a positive experience! Dr. Wind is prompt in the office and his staff is extremely friendly, courteous and helpful. Thank you for the refreshing approach to medical treatment and visits."
Cheryl N., Age 60
Arthroscopy Meniscectomy
"Dr Wind and staff are the BEST! My surgery went better than I thought. I have told all my friends and family about Dr. Wind."
Joe B., Age 63
Knee Replacement

"If you are thinking about knee replacement, go see Dr. Wind. I can't believe how well my surgery went.  Very little pain post operative (expect to be working on recovery for at least 3 months). My only regret is not seeing Dr. Wind sooner!" 

Vicki L.,  Age 66  

Knee Replacement

"Dr. Wind is an excellent orthopedic surgeon. My surgery for total knee replacement went extremely well and my outcome has been very good.  I have referred him to a lot of people."                

Susan,  Age 70  

Knee Replacement

"Dr. Wind is truly a skilled and top notch surgeon. His staff is very kind and helpful! I can't believe I put up with the pain for so long."
Carol M., Age 72
2nd Knee Replacement
"Dr. Wind performed a total hip replacement in July 2017. I have felt great ever since! He is kind & compassionate. Thank you for the wonderful care!"
Maureen R., Age 60
Hip Replacement

Why is stonebridge orthopedics your first choice?

Sure, you'll love our clean and comfortable exam rooms, on-time appointments, the convenience of digital X-rays, and our on-site procedure room. But after you notice how modern and nice our office looks, you'll see what it is that really sets us apart:

We treat you with respect

We Take Your Good Care Seriously​

We Are Happy When You Are Happy​

We Love Our Patients

We take time to listen to you

We Really Enjoy Helping You